Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Survey

1. What was your favorite Halloween/Fall Festival costume as a child?
Easy. My fairy costume. I was a princess and I had lost my two front teeth. I looked like a tooth fairy. Another year I was Snoopy. That was cool, too.

2. Least favorite costume to wear?
Ugh. The scarecrow costume itched. Burlap, baby.

3. Favorite candy?

4. Favorite fall treat that you baked?
Roasted pumpkin seeds. Or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies.

5. What age do you think one should stop trick-or-treating?
Eleven. Ish.

6. What is the lamest treat you received?
A handful of pennies from a dentist. *yawn* Like that will prevent cavities.

7. Any other traditions on Oct. 31?
We usually ate a breakfast supper. Eggs and waffles. I intend on keeping this tradition.

8. What costumes will be present in your family this fall?
A chicky for Morgan. And last year I was a banana, but now I have a lump. Nobody likes lumpy bananas. :) Dan... who knows?

9. Favorite Halloween or fall movie?
Peanuts Halloween, of course. That whole pumpkin patch thing was hilariously random.

10. Any funny Halloween stories?
Not much. I do recall my parents hauling us to various relatives on Halloween night to see how "cute" we were. We were not too happy b/c we were wasting valuable candy begging time.
Some years our church would do a fall festival party. They did a pretty good job of game and fun and giving us the sugary loot to take home.

Okay, your turn... fess up to the October fun.


Dave and Jenni said...

Hey Lumpy bananas are totally acceptable if they are spawning baby bananas. ;) This will be fun to do - thanks for the tag.

Short Stop said...

Um. You must post a picture from Halloween past if you expect me to do this! ;)

Heading over to read Dan's - cause I KNOW he did this one! LOL!

Btw, i'm thinking yes. since it's you that's asking! :)

Kris said...

Ok, this is a good one! I'll try to get mine up soon!