Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Okay, Sarah, I'm game. Here's my answers:

ACCENT - Maryland: the great debate. Northern state or southern state? I say SOUTHERN words with a NORTHERN accent. (i.e.- y'all is not said "yawwwwllll")

I DON'T DRINK - Beer. I drink it socially only if it's really artsy fartsy imported limited edition and my husband is egging me to try it. I never ask for it otherwise.

CHORE I HATE - Laundry. Clothes are fun to wear. Why can't they be fun to wash?

PETS - I have a three year old. She's my pet.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - Love you, TIVO. And right now I'm listening to my ipod as it is mounted in my Bose Sound Dock. And my Macintosh... I use daily. Almost hourly.

PERFUME - I used to wear Happy by Clinique but then we moved and I forgot to pick up more. Thanks for reminding me about this great scent, Sarah.

GOLD or SILVER - Platinum

INSOMNIA - I hardly ever have trouble falling to sleep. A day chocked full of work and busyness guarantees a heavy head hitting the pillow. Also, I dream heavily and remember my dreams in the morning.

JOB TITLE - Laughing... sometimes when I call Dan at work I don a professional sounding voice and say, "Dan? Hi, Emily Dykstra. Wife. Mother of your child..."

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - I love a sincere friend.

KIDS - Morgan (almost 4)

RELIGION - Christian. The good old-fashioned Bible reading kind.

SIBLINGS - 4 siblings: Noel, Bret, Becky and Andrew. We're all 3 years apart and I'm the oldest. I'm 33 so you do the math.

TIME I WAKE UP - I wake with Dan at about 5:30 or 6am.

VEGETABLE I HATE - Can't say that I've met one yet.

WORST HABIT - I think I make people uncomfortable when I dig too deep. I'm not a "cocktail party" converser. I like to see the real person, so I ask real questions. Sometimes I get the feeling that people avoid me b/c I don't keep it light and airy. Sometimes this is a strength, but it is just as often a weakness.

MY FAVORITE MEAL - Oh man. Anything my momma makes. Seriously. She could make cold cereal and it would taste BETTER at her house than at mine.


Short Stop said...

Em, you really get up at 5:30 or 6? I just couldn't do it, but I admire anyone who can. The sleepy me negotiates too hard with the motivated me, and always wins!

UGH, and laundry. It kicks my booty every week! :)

This was fun to read!!! :)

Kris said...

You beat me to this! I'll be posting this fun one soon!
I love these because I feel like I get to know people just a bit more!