Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rain, Rain, Come Again.

This morning it is thunderstorming outside. I'm downright giddy about it.

There's something about a July thunderstorm. I like to light candles, put on some quiet music and putz around the house, doing laundry and occasionally stopping to play with Morgan.

And the best thing about a rain storm is that the air is cooler. I blow the metaphorical dust off my favorite blue jeans and remember with delight how they cover a multitude of sins: the bruises on my legs from knocking into something, the veiny lines of "getting older". They're forgiving and comfortable. Great for a rainy day.


Kris said...

Very well said, you are a terrific writer!

Sheryl R. said...

You are very great at writing!

But yes, I agree...I love putzing around the house on a rainy day. Not too often, though as I REALLY enjoy those hot, sunny days!

Short Stop said...

I love this post, Em! And, it's so true...blue jeans on a rainy day...nothing like it.